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SIHAI Fire Proof Products Co., Ltd (Chengdu), attested by Ministry of Public Security of China, is a professional manufacturer for fire-resistive materials. SIHAI has been concentrating on providing productions, service and total solution of fire control safety for high-rise buildings since 1998. Since the inception we have been awarded 68 pieces of China Compulsory ertifications and Inspection Reports.

For focusing on the technological innovations, SIHAI can provide high quality products to our clients persistently. Also SIHAI is cooperating tightly with the Institute of Public Security of Sichuan, aimed to provide total solutions for designing and optimizing to fire fighting and emergency evacuation, for producing and constructing fire partition, also for security inspection, acceptance and training. So far we hold 10 items trademark and 8 items patents of invention.

For the outstanding integrated ability in fire industry and the excellent service to meet customer needs, honorably SIHAI is the long term partner and top supplier for many well- known real estate enterprises such as VANKE, POLY Group, BLUE RAY Group, GreenLand Group and so on.  

SIHAI Fire Proof Products Co., Ltd (Chengdu) is located in LongQuan Economic Development Zone and has 3 bases, which are amount to more than 100,1000 and certified by ISO09001:2008 and attested by The Ministry of Public Security of China. Our capacity reaches 20,000 pcs each month.

SIHAI has been devoted to provide high quality products and good service to customers, has been concentrating on providing productions, service and total solution of fire control safety for high rising buildings since 1998. Since then we have been awarded more than 60 compulsory certifications and inspection reports by the fire products attested center and the national qualification inspection center for fire resistant materials.

Because fire proof productions are essential to safety and quality is the foundation of future, SIHAI has been adhered to “The first quality, the first customer, sound reputation, Honesty and Pragmatic”. As innovating and developing, SIHAI has been the leader of fire proof in Sichuan province. Also we became the member of the China Industrial and Commercial Union, the representative of Sichuan's outstanding young entrepreneurs and the one of Sichuan outstanding private enterprises. SIHAI also is the Green purchase preferred brand, quality management and excellent brand demonstration enterprise of National environmental green brand, Sichuan province quality and safety standard demonstration unit, Sichuan AAA credit enterprise, Product quality stable and qualified enterprise in 2011-2013, the top 10 brands of China fire door industry.


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